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All Photos by Dave Landry - www.davelandryphoto.com
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Please visit the Microchipping section for information and updates!
CTHS Online Store

CTHS Members are now able to pay for membership and registrations on-line at the CTHS National Office's Store on the Website! 

CTHS Forms - more available formats 

Also new, the CTHS Membership and Canadian-Bred Declaration forms are now available in PDF fillable format that can be saved and emailed to CTHS National's info@cthsnational.com email. 

The new formats are located in the Forms Section, and the membership forms are also located in the Membership section.
Digital Foal Certificates 
The Jockey club to introduce digital foal certificates in 2018.
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250 Years of Horse Racing in Canada
A full 100 years before the confederation of Canada, the first advertised horse race took place in 1767 on the Plains of Abraham. The race was won a mare named Modesty and her rider, Captain Prescott. 250 years later, while the country is celebrating its 150th anniversary, we are celebrating the thrilling and diverse sporting industry that grew out of that moment. 

Please visit the 250th Anniversary web page:

Click here for more information. 
250th Anniversary
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