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Official Position Statement on Microchipping Implant Location

On Wednesday, July 27th, 2016, the National Directors’ of the Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society held a Board meeting conference call. One of the topics on the agenda was the official implant location of the microchip that will become mandatory for all registered Canadian Thoroughbreds starting in the year 2017. 

The official position statement as of November 7, 2016, can be found below:
Official Position on the Location of Microchip Implant in Canadian Thoroughbred Horses (PDF)

Implanting a "Nasal" Microchip - Video

Frequently Asked Questions about Microchipping 
And the Nasal Area Microchip Implant Location  

In an effort to assist owners and breeders during this transition time to microchipping, the CTHS has created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document to answer questions that have been coming into the offices. The first "issue" can be found below. As additional questions are asked and answered, they will be added to the FAQ document. Please continue to check back for updates. 
Frequently Asked Questions About Microchipping v1.2 (PDF)

How To....

This page contains many "How To...." documents, including How To... Nasally Implant a Microchip and How To... Report Microchip Numbers. 
Go to the "How To..." Page

Microchipping Media 
A Power Point Presentation has been created with multiple media images and videos to assist people in understanding the location of the nasal microchip implant location as well as to demonstrate the ease that this new implant location offers in handling equines. 

The Power Point Presentations are large files and may take a minute or two to download.  
Microchipping Media Power Point Presentation (PPT) 16.1MB Microchipping Media 2 Power Point Presentation (PPT) 62.4MB

Alberta Thoroughbred Microchipping Project

The Alberta Thoroughbred Micro-chipping Project is actively involved in investigating an alternative implantation site and developing accompanying software for the management of microchipped horses. Although microchips are not currently a requirement to register a Thoroughbred they will become a requirement of registration for foals of 2017 or later.

The implant site the Alberta Thoroughbred Micro-chipping Project is using the nasal area (above the dorsal aspect of the orbicularis oris muscle and underneath the depressor septi muscle). This is a new location to chip horses and initial trials are showing promise. This location will be safer and easier to manage for both horses and handlers.
Alberta Thoroughbred Microchipping Project Newsletter (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions - Alberta Thoroughbred Microchipping Project

In the PDF linked below are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Alberta Thoroughbred Microchipping Project. 
Alberta Thoroughbred Microchipping Project FAQ's (PDF)
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