Microchipping: How To...

This page contains information for owners and breeders who are registering their Thoroughbred and need to implant and report the microchip to The Jockey Club and the Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (CTHS).
Owners and breeders may have their horses microchipped either in the "nasal area" or the neck (nuchal ligament). The location must be reported. The CTHS is only recommending the "nasal area"; information on the "nasal area" implant location may be found within the Microchipping Section of the website. 

How to... Report the microchip number...

When submitting the original paper Registration

Report MC # Paper Application

When doing an Online Registration

Report MC # Online

After the papers have already issued

Coming Soon

A Handy Microchipping Guide

 This document is a simple 12 step guide on how to microchip in the "nasal region" of Equines. 
A Handy Microchipping Guide

A Step by Step Users Guide for implanting microchips in the "nasal region" of Equines

This document is a highly detailed step by step guide on how to implant microchips in the "nasal region" of Equines. Veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians (RVTs)may find this document helpful. 
Step by Step Users Guide
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