Online Nurse Mare Program

Standardbred Canada’s Nurse Mare Program is designed to assist in matching orphaned or rejected foals with nurse mares, and now the process is even easier.

Breeders who have a nurse mare (a mare who has just lost a foal) that could be matched with an orphan foal, or a foal that requires a nurse mare, are asked to post detailed information in the comments section of the Nurse Mare Program page. 

Directions for posting your mare/foal on the page: 

- You must “log in” to the SC website (click on the red button at the top of the website). If you do not already have an online account you need to create one. Click on “create new account” and fill in the information.

NEED A NURSE MARE or HAVE A NURSE MARE in the title, your name/farm location of mare/foal (city/prov), telephone number(s), email address and any other pertinent information (i.e. when foaled, frozen colostrum available etc.) 

*If you prefer to register your mare/foal directly with SC, during business hours please contact: Heather Reid: (905) 858-3060 ext.250

If you prefer, the following individuals have also offered to help with the program

Betty Gregan: (902) 569-4504 (h) or (902) 566-0912 (w) (Prince Edward Island)

Trish Moran: (709) 770-3060 (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland)

Jack McNiven: (519) 485- 1040 or (519) 421-8104 (Western Ontario)

Monalisa Pagliericci: (450) 248-2209 (Eastern Townships)

Alain Veilleux: (450) 794-2143 or (450) 779-1821 (North-Eastern Quebec)

Alain Vailleres: (418) 884-3372 (Quebec City Region)

Harness Racing BC: Carla Robin (604) 574-5558 (British Columbia)

Please do not post anything other than mares or orphaned/rejected foals on the Nurse Mare Program web page. The program is designed to support breeders during the foaling season, please respect the sensitivity of this matter.

Standardbred Canada is not responsible for the placement or care of mares or foals from this volunteer program. Please use discretion when accepting a mare or foal from an unknown source.

Further information and links: 

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